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My Humble Thoughts

Hello, this is my very first blog. I don’t know if anyone will read this… The purpose for this blog is merely to express my thoughts and humble opinion. Keeping those words in mind, I’d like to take the time to explain why I decide to name my blog DecayedSociety. As the name implies, it has been my observation for quite sometime that our society has lost its finesse. Where did it all begin? Why are we more fascinated with “Reality TV” than finding out about what truly makes an impact in our lives? What can the “Kardashians, Kate Plus 8” etc, teach us about our personal lives and morals? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a “celebrity” hater. I just can’t comprehend why this so-called reality tv phenomena hasn’t fizzled? I assume most of us know by now that reality shows are scripted, right? I had to watch for myself and see what the buzz was all about. I watched the “Hills” for a while. No, I didn’t watch every season of the hills; Doing so would have made me puke every meal. Sorry, TMI! What did I learn from watching The Hills? If you must know…
1- I can’t call their perfomance acting
2- These girls do poorly in an interview, yet they still manage to get hired and move up the corporate ladder effortlessly
3- Their fingenails are perfectly manicured
4- If you are an intern at “Teen Vogue” you too can drive a Mercedes Benz top of the line car! Hmm… They must pay their interns very well 😉
(I could go on forever)

Bottom line, I just long for days when children were mostly well-behaved, parents didn’t try to become “friends” with their children to the point where boundries were lost, when people took the time to say “thank you” for services rendered, a time when people actually got dressed up to fly on an airplane- adults and kids alike are boarding airplanes wearing pajamas- the list goes on and on…
I would like to most respectfully welcome you to my new blog and thank you for taking the time to read what this longing soul has to say.

Always Smiling,